Our menu is a collection of fresh California-inspired fusion cuisine. With a focus on taste and an attention to detail, we go to great effort to deliver something out of the ordinary.


Tortilla Chips and Salsa (V)      61
Our homemade tortilla chips with side of
fresh tomato and cilantro salsa

Fresh Guacamole & our Famous Tortilla Chips (V) 95
Our unbeatable guacamole made with fresh avo,
tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and cilantro

Hummus & Brinjal dip with toasted pita (V)      105
served with marinated olives and cherry tomatoes

Cajun-style Calamari      115
with wholegrain mustard remoulade

Grilled Chorizo & Fries      95
with our own fresh chilli sauce

Black Bean & Caramelised Onion Quesadilla (V)      79
with cheddar cheese, fresh tomato salsa and sour cream
Add Chicken      29

Cheese Quesadilla (V)      74
with cheddar cheese, fresh tomato salsa and sour cream
Add Chicken      29

Soft-Shell Chicken Tacos      79
Free-range chicken, avo, black beans, salsa, and our own spicy sauce

Soft-Shell Vegan Tacos (VV)      94
Avo, black beans, salsa, and vegan mayo

Korean-style Spicy Chicken Wings      138
Free-range chicken, made with our secret recipe,
and served with a honey-lime Sriracha drizzle

Salmon fish cakes      131
with lemon chive Crème Fraîche and sweet potato fries

Bucket of Fries (V)      43
with our delicious Sriracha Lemon Dipping Sauce

Sweet Potato Fries   (V)      62
with blue cheese dipping sauce


Parmesan & Roasted Sunflower Seed Salad   (V)      124
on lettuce with egg and a garlic, honey
and Dijon mustard vinaigrette
Add Fried Calamari    55 / Add Fish Cake    44

Chopped Chicken Salad       129
Cos lettuce, diced chicken, blue cheese, red onions,
tomatoes, avocados and red wine vinaigrette

Naked Burger      127
Beef patty topped with caramelised onions, blue cheese
and balsamic glaze on a bed of lettuce

Bacon Cheese Burger & Fries      137
Joburg’s best, 100% Grass Fed Beef,
Cheddar Cheese or Blue Cheese

Beyond the Tiger Burger & Fries (V)      182
Our unbelievable 170g Vegetarian Beyond Burger
with Cheddar Cheese and our special sauce
(Vegan option available)

Chicken Burger & Fries      109
Free-Range Chicken, with Mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil and lettuce, and our amazing homemade mayo sauce

Fillet Steak Sandwich      120
on toasted Portuguese bun with Dijon mustard, grilled red peppers, caramelised onions and Swiss cheese. Served with fries

Peri-Peri Steak Prego      120
Fillet steak, with our own spicy peri-peri sauce, on toasted Portuguese bun,
with red peppers, caramelised onions and fresh lettuce. Served with fries

Beer Battered Fish & Chips      104
with our own wholegrain mustard mayo

Fillet Medallions & Fries      174
Two fillet medallions served with a red wine onion sauce and fries

Grilled Norwegian Salmon      235
with roasted baby potatoes, wilted baby spinach, and a white wine wholegrain mustard caper sauce


Affogato      68
Vanilla Ice Cream, Sliced Almonds, Espresso and Amaretto

Three Fruit Sorbet      71
with Fresh Berries

Heavenly Chocolate Brownie Sundae      89
served with bananas, vanilla ice cream,
and Nutella chocolate sauce

Warm Berry Crumble with
Vanilla ice cream      68

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